More than a designer

Architecture in all its splendour and angles, that’s our passion. From our innovative home in the Antwerp W A T T -Tower , BBSC is breathing and thriving on aesthetics , functionalism, and building know-how, reflected in all our projects. Our client is always the number one ! Cliché ? If you ever have needed the services of an architect, you definitely know what we are talking about. BBSC listens and offers its designs, the way a tailor cuts the suit for his client. A considerable amount of our office assignments come from the market of entrepreneurs. They enable us to deliver cherished opportunities for top notch architectural projects. A long and thorough experience of our team of architects is not the only crucial element here, but also our commercial corporate background in order to follow up on planning and budgets. The sky is the limit? Indeed, if that is what you wish for! BBSC insists on an open mind. We like to improve ourselves by learning from others, whatever sector that might be. Day after day … We live in an evolution. That’s our key to draw our architectural tailoring to an astonishing level at each challenge. Choosing for BBSC is getting an undeniable and utmost livable architectural quality. In all our architectural projects we put quality of life at the forefront and opt for an approach where people are at the centre.


Unique blue-prints and designs are our definite goal. Absolute pure architecture tailor-made at each commission. Total accordance with the wishes and expectations of the customer, providing in the meantime the aesthetics, the functionality, the building know-how as well as the integration of the technical installations, leading towards a lasting, solid and exceptional result. In every single creation we interweave architecture, design and techniques. We cherish Beauty with a capital B. However combined with thorough creative design solutions in order to enable our clients to succeed in their business purposes.


BBSC is the equivalent of efficient and thorough professionalism. We think along with the customer, going over the smallest details with him, regarding budgets, regarding the most practical or administrative cares. We see this as our task. We share the responsibility together with the client and the contractor, for our building projects. We see this as the only way to form a successful team in which loyalty, devotion and mutual respect are fundamental.


Our office consists of a staff of 8 full-time members. For every project the follow-up is shared by several members of our staff in order to assure the client of a most personal and immediate follow-up, our office is reluctant to split and spread duties into too many teams. Our staff members think beyond the borders of the building process… We encourage a continued learning by attending seminars and by sharing experiences. This is how BBSC succeeds in multi-disciplinary tasking. On top of that we also rely on external expertise to assist us at specific tasks.






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